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We create virtual restaurants for the city and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Want to get started?

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Forerunners since its creation, at DĒVOR we never stop innovating. Technology helps us invent the future of connected catering.

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We are expanding rapidly in France and are looking for partners to open new cities.

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Delivered catering is booming

We are among the pioneers in this field with the creation of Dark Kitchen in 2018.
Today DĒVOR kitchens are front and center and completely open to the outside world.
Every order is prepared on the spot and at the minute.
The DĒVOR neighborhood kitchens offer the best of street food in delivery and to go from ordering kiosks.
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DĒVOR know-how

We have created:
* strong brands for every craving, through our FoodLab EXPLŌR
* privileged relationships with delivery platforms for optimized visibility on the Uber Eats and Deliveroo apps
* a network of suppliers and artisans committed to our side
Do you have a space and want to launch?

If you've always dreamed of setting up your own business, but the idea of going it alone has held you back, we can help.
We're here to help restaurant entrepreneurs create their own Food Delivery restaurant.
Now's the time to apply!

We are expanding rapidly in France and are looking for partners who like challenges and want to change things.

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Join the DĒVOR adventure and open your franchise!

  • BRAND. We create strong brands to capitalize on.
  • TECH. We use technology to make our restaurants controllable with just a few clicks.
  • DATA. We master the data and know how to make the best of it to make our restaurants perform.
  • TEAM. We offer a turnkey project and a dedicated team to accompany you.

Discover the Gregate technology

A solution that will make running your restaurant easier and more efficient.

Quality at the heart of our approach

Forerunner since its creation

DĒVOR continues to innovate with its new FoodLab ĒXPLOR in the service of creating original and always gourmet street food brands.
The result? Inspiring brands, thought around short cards aiming to suit as many people as possible.

Sourcing quality products

The ingredients at the heart of our recipes are produced in collaboration with our local artisan partners.
We receive our meat and vegetables several times a week to guarantee the highest standard of freshness. All of our products are carefully selected and validated by our R&D teams who constantly strive to preserve the taste of our dishes.

Committed to limiting our impact on the environment

We have chosen to work with packaging that is part of an eco-responsible approach. We select 100% recycled and recyclable packaging as a priority. All our packaging is made from natural raw materials with a lower environmental impact.

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Forerunners of delivered catering

First restaurant delivered by UberEats in France

animation scooter delivery DĒVOR Restaurants in delivery and takeaway

Pioneers of dedicated delivery restaurants

Creation of Dark Kitchen, the first kitchen in the 15th district of Paris

bag of food to go DĒVOR Restaurants in delivery and takeaway

DĒVOR was born

DĒVOR is The first Food Lab serving virtual catering. We imagine food brands with strong concepts.

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More to come...

Follow us to know the continuation of our adventures!

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Any hesitation? We answer it

Why join us?

The catering market is booming and responds to the lack of time in a context where people are cooking less and less // We have created strong brands to capitalize on We have created strong brands on which to capitalize // We master the technology and data, essential for performance // We offer a turnkey project and a dedicated team to accompany you.

What is the minimum investment required to open a franchise?

You have a minimum of 40K€ of contribution and you wish to develop your project in one of the following cities: Amiens, Rouen, Tours, Angers, Le Mans, Poitiers or any other city of more than 75000 inhabitants.

What is the profile of the entrepreneur you are looking for?

An operational manager in the fast food industry who wants to become an entrepreneur / /. An executive in transition with a passion for food tech, who likes the field, managing teams and customer relations // A franchisee from the restaurant/distribution/retail world who wants to diversify in a fast-growing sector // An investor convinced of the project's potential, aware that an operational partner will be necessary for the project's success.

How promising is the catering industry?

The market of delivered catering is booming and is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. It responds to the lack of time in a context where we cook less and less. In fact, nearly one French person out of two has already had food delivered to their home or office. And this share is much more important among young people. This market is far from being saturated. Food Service Vision estimated the market to be worth 3.3 billion euros in 2018 in France, and forecasts a growth of 20% per year over the following years.

How to apply and open your DĒVOR franchise?

Simply fill out the form available in the link on the site, it will take you only a few minutes. We will contact you as soon as possible.