Our history


The best of street food
with cheesy poutines, smashed burgers, gyoza bowls, tasty baos... not to mention a veggie selection. To be enjoyed wherever and whenever you want, by delivery or takeaway from our neighborhood kitchens all over France.


And yes, we were the first in France to create Dark Kitchens. Today everything has changed: our kitchens are open to the public, you can even see our cooks preparing your order! Each dish is prepared on the spot at the time of the order, from fresh products coming from selected craftsmen.


It's a passionate and obviously very (too?) greedy team that creates crazy concepts (Fat Fat, Green & Wild, Saint Burger, Tiger Chicken, etc.), as cool to imagine as they are to taste. Enough talk, food should be shared! That's why we invite strangers to eat for free in the street here !

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Forerunners of delivered catering

First restaurant delivered by UberEats in France

animation scooter delivery DĒVOR Restaurants in delivery and takeaway

Pioneers of dedicated delivery restaurants

Creation of Dark Kitchen, the first kitchen in the 15th district of Paris

bag of food to go DĒVOR Restaurants in delivery and takeaway

DĒVOR was born

DĒVOR is The first Food Lab serving virtual catering. We imagine food brands with strong concepts.

food lab animation DĒVOR Delivery and takeaway restaurants

More to come...

Follow us to know the continuation of our adventures!

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Commitment, Taste and

1. Promote our regions

The ingredients at the heart of our recipes are created in collaboration with our local artisan partners. Our burger buns were developed with a bakery in Savoie to meet our quality commitments. Our meats and sauces come from a producer in Normandy committed to respecting traditional values.

2. Work with quality products

We receive our meat and vegetables several times a week to guarantee the highest standard of freshness. All our products are carefully selected and validated by our R&D teams who constantly strive to preserve the taste of our dishes.

3. Bringing our expertise

All our recipes are prepared to order to satisfy everyone's requirements. They are designed to adapt to the constraints of delivery and take-away sales so that you can be sure that you will be served as well as on the spot.

At DĒVOR we are committed to sustainable development.

We have chosen to work with packaging that is part of an eco-responsible approach. We select 100% recycled and recyclable packaging as a priority. All our packaging is made from natural raw materials with a lower environmental impact. Our supplier also works to reduce its carbon footprint throughout the life cycle of its products.

Food lab

Precursor since its creation!

DĒVOR continues to innovate with its new FoodLab ĒXPLOR to serve the creation of original and always gourmet street food brands.

The recipe?

A fine study of the market's food trends, a participatory creation process and obviously all the DĒVOR know-how. Indeed, we solicit you, our community through social networks: from the name of the brand to the selection of dishes offered on the menu.
It is also by relying on a strong network of ambassadors present throughout France that the DĒVOR team tests and validates its new Food concepts.

The result?

An immersive experience for you who participate in co-creating food concepts in line with your desires and expectations. The result is inspiring brands, designed around short cards that aim to appeal to as many people as possible.

photo food lab DĒVOR Restaurants delivery & takeaway

the concept of dēvor

DĒVOR in pictures!

DĒVOR in pictures!